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Disclaimer Tips

Turn Your Disclaimer into a "Suggestive Disclaimer".


Disclaimers are now required by Search Engines, Manufacturers, and Regulatory Organizations at the minimum. As a result you'll see them more often and if you're advertising online you'll eventually need to add them to your content. Testimonials, Guarantees, and any mention of Specific Results all require disclaimers and/or follow up policy pages.


Nearly all modern disclaimers can double as a "Call to Action" with some simple wording or a followup sentence. A disclaimer with a clever call to action turns a normally informal space of your website into something a bit more exciting, while still meeting the guidelines and policies of the organizations as well as any legal obligations. This allows you to use that normally wasted space for something that can impress your visitor, possibly get a smirk or quick laugh out of them and with any luck a conversion.


Here are some frequently required disclaimers and their corresponding disclaimer as a call to action.


Specific Results Disclaimer:

*there’s no guarantee on specific results and results will vary ----->

*there’s no guarantee on specific results and results will vary
for an estimate of your specific results
Contact Another Lead!


More Information Disclaimer:

*see dealer for details ------>

*See Dealer for Details Today! (555)-555-1234


Restrictions Disclaimer:

*other restrictions may apply ------>

*other restrictions may apply
for more info on restrictions that may apply to you give us a call today! (phone number)


These examples have been used in their respective industries and have been tracked to directly to sales.


Important - Before adding any twist on your disclaimers you need to check with any and all organizations/entities that regulate the disclaimers for your industry or your service. Submit a preview for Pre-Approval before going live with the disclaimer to avoid any suspensions, penalties, or down time of any kind.


Most of your visitors will have the same feeling about disclaimers that you have.
Anything that will soften the message and possibly make it easier to digest will certainly help.

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