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SEO Service Details for Local BusinessesLocal SEO for Service Based Businesses

Our SEO Services for Local Businesses are broken down into two main categories.

Off-Site SEO Services - configuring your website and profiles for the Search Engines.

On-Site SEO Services - efforts are directed toward your visitors.

Off-Site SEO Services


How does it work?
Off-Site SEO is traditionally what you think of when you think Search Engine Optimization. Our program consists configuring your site and your online profiles so that the Search Engines do not penalize your site and it ranks as high as possible.

Our program does not include Content or Links. The importance of linking has really been diminished in the last few years. Content and Blogs on the other hand is one of the most powerful tools to get massive amounts of traffic to your site. They are not necessarily buyers, this is high funnel traffic. Visitors that will not be ready to convert for some time.


Why do we need Off-Site Optimization?
Before you go outside or to an event you probably take some time to get ready and possibly look in the mirror. When your website goes outside on the search engines to meet people it also needs to get ready. This is also a competitive event, after all there is only one Number 1 spot for each term. In recent years, especially for local businesses competition has greatly increased. The amount of Profiles needed and the weight they carry has also increased. The Map listings have now replaced the phone book and the search engines respond to Social Media Profiles that have been extended to businesses. We configure these profiles, connect, and optimize them along with the meta data or relevant code on your website to ensure maximum rank possible for your website.

We do not do social media engagement or carry any programs that interact directly with your users. We do encourage Social Media Engagement but it is a kin to blogs and content where the traffic is high funnel or not quite ready to buy.


Our Off-Site SEO Services Bring Visitors to Your Site that Indicate the Intention to Purchase by the Search Term They Use.
In some cases this means they have attached to the term a transactional extension like for sale. For Local Businesses it's "Your Service + Your Location".


Competitive Rules Apply
The competitive environment as explained above applies as there is only one Number 1 Ranking on Any Term. So at least 1 Search Engine Optimized Website will be in the Number 2 Spot or below.


What's the best course of Action?


For the DIY Community
We'll point you in the right direction and if you haven't already, check out the Website Optimization Guide and it will point you in the right direction. The information seems very basic but it is very powerful when it comes to increasing your search engine ranking. Refer to it whenever you've reached a plateau, perhaps there is something you missed or overlooked the first time through.


Off-Site SEO Services Provided by
Off-Site SEO is an SEO Service that we provide for Local Businesses. We will work very hard to get the maximum ranking possible for your website.

Off-Site SEO Services $450/mth


On-Site SEO Services - efforts are directed toward your visitors.

On-Site SEO Services

How does it work?
You've got traffic on the site and you may have leads, how do you get more?
Listen to your visitors and pay attention to their behavior. Look in your website statistics for exit points, or bottlenecks in the navigation or visitor flow. This is normally where you can focus your efforts and look for errors to improve the experience. Consequently if more visitors stay on the path and convert into leads or sales we call it Conversion Optimization, or Website Optimization.

Why do we need it?
Most websites do not convert well or at all out of the box. This is true for most development firms and independent developers. Why?

Two Reasons: Competition & It's Subjective

Your Competition
As a rule of thumb, the more dense the population, the more competitive the digital market is for each industry. So make sure that your marketing team is able to compete in areas similar to yours.


Just like Musical Chairs, When the Music Stops Someone Will Be Left Without a Seat!
In a highly competitive area if there are 10 superb, conversion optimized websites that compete for the same visitors and there are only 9 visitors, at least one of those conversion optimized websites is not going to convert.


It's Subjective
Meaning that it is subject to the views and opinions of your visitors. No matter how well planned, designed, implemented, or launched a site can still get a poor reaction from visitors in your target area and you or your team will need to make changes.


"If Your Website Does Not Produce Leads or Sales then You are not Getting Your Advertising Dollars Worth."

This is True Regardless of the Advertising Medium, Whether it is Traditional like TV, Radio, Mail, or Digital like Pay Per Click Ads.


What's the best course of Action?


Some of our Clients have team members that excel in this area.
They can plan and implement changes themselves or with a developer. In that case our Website Optimization Guide can provide some direction and help you avoid common pitfalls.


Some of our Clients Prefer to have this area managed by their Digital Marketing Team.
If this is the case On-Site SEO or Conversion Optimization is an SEO Service that we provide for Local Businesses. We will work very hard to Establish Profitability and Maximize Revenue on Your Website.

On-Site SEO Services $450/mth


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