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Automotive SEO


Automotive SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Our On-site SEO Program for Automotive begins with a Jumpstart Package to get your site converting up to 100% more than before and we're just getting started. The meta data optimization puts you on your way to receiving more traffic than ever before. A Visitor Flow Analysis will help us steamline your site lowering your bounce rate and increasing conversions. Custom Banners and Landing Pages for your vehicles, sales, offers, etc. will rank on the search engines, convert more leads, and ensure that your traditional message is well recieved. A monthly all site check for forms, buttons, links, specials, etc. keeps you in the green. Your website based on the jumpstart results will be optimized for those hard to get conversions. Having covered the basics, an expert custom analysis will bring up areas for improvement that are specific to your dealership, such as Older Model Solution, Specialized Model Dealerships, Low Population (City Draw), High Population, Local Demographics, Highly Competitive Areas, and much more!.



Give Your Site a Jumpstart • Configure Meta Data (Quarterly) • Visitor Flow Analysis (Monthly)Custom Banners & Landing Pages • All Site Check (Monthly)Conversion OptimizationExpert Custom Analysis


The Automotive Buying Cycle

A Compelling Message - Automotive SEM-PPC

Automotive SEM/PPC

Automotive SEM or Search Engine Marketing

Capitalize on your market share with our Truly Competitive SEM Program for Automotive. Our SEM Program is geared to get the most for your budget. The Basic Package includes your Brand, OEM, Geo, Competiition, New, Used, Finance, Traditional, Service, & Parts. We optimize for your traditional media to create continuity, trust, and credibility. Competition campaigns that auto-generate 10 ads and keep the best one can leave you with the best of 10 lousy ads. Our ads are specifically catered to your competitors, your market, and your situation. Fire up the Dynamic Inventory Feed to create text, retargeting, & display ads for all of your vehicles, new & used, with Year, Make, Model, Price, Color, Lease, & Mileage!  Launch the Custom Video Campaign. We run a combination of your Commercials, Custom Vehicle Walkthroughs, Conquest, Branding, Competition, & Creative. There's more, for the very bold, we break out the Dynamic Ads with scrolling inventory in the ad for Retargeting & Display. All setup, let's bring in an expert to recommend which areas have room for improvement.

  • SEM Basic - Brand, OEM, Geo, Competiition, New, Used, Finance, Traditional, Service, & Parts
  • • Dynamic Inventory Feed - New & Used • Text, Retargeting, Display & Video
  • • Dynamic Retargeting, Dynamic Display • Conquest Campaigns
  • • Custom Competition Ads with Teeth • Lower than average bounce rate
  • • Expert Analysis • Strong Quality Scores

Lead Tracking with Another LeadAutomotive Lead Tracking

How do you know if your marketing efforts and refinements work if you're not tracking the leads?

This program is designed to answer the most important questions:

  • How do we get more leads?
  • Where are the leads coming from?
  • Which Marketing Effort produces the most results?
  • Are my Campaigns Underperforming?
  • How long is my buying cycle?
  • What's my ROI?

Google Analytics® Integration tracks the interactions of your digital suite, including phone calls (optional), Inventory Leads, ePrice, Credit Apps, Live Chat, Walk-ins, forms, trade ins, finance calculators, test drives, coupon prints, & much more. This allows us to show real value for your spend, not just a list of site reactions from visitors.The insights we've gotten from the program allow our experts to Zero In on what's working for your dealership. The results also show us that different keywords work better for different dealers. There's no substitute for a custom campaign tailored to your Dealership's needs.

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Pricing Automotive

We have a program to fit every dealer regardless of Ad Budget, Franchise Status, or Size.

Basic (franchise)
$900per month
SEO Onsite
SEM Basic
Full Custom
Expert Analysis
PremiumMost Popular
$2800per month
SEO Onsite
Full SEM Suite
Lead Tracking
Full Custom
Expert Analysis
$1700per month
SEO Onsite
SEM Basic, Inv. Feed, Ret, Display
Full Custom
Expert Analysis
Basic (non-franchise)
$660per month
Onsite SEO (limited)
SEM Basic (limited), Dynamic Text Only
Full Custom
Expert Analysis

All Programs are billed monthly on the date of purchase. Cancel anytime with a written notice, no reason required.

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