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Refund/Term/Termination of Digital Marketing Agreement

As stated Client may Terminate Agreement at any time for any reason and receive a partial refund based on labor performed prior to the cancellation notice for that month.
Client retains sole owner ship of all accounts created or modified by in the event of any account cancellation for any reason.

All Terms are 30 days or the Length of the Current Month unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

a. The initial term of this Agreement shall be as set forth in the Order Form (the "Initial Term"). The Initial Term shall begin upon commencement of the Services to Customer. After the Initial Term, this Agreement shall automatically renew. ADDITIONALLY AFTER THE INITIAL TERM, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE, AGREE AND AUTHORIZE ANOTHERLEAD.COM TO AUTOMATICALLY BILL AND/OR CHARGE ON YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR SUCCESSIVE TERMS OF EQUAL LENGTH AS THE INITIAL TERM, UNLESS TERMINATED OR CANCELLED BY EITHER PARTY AS PROVIDED IN THIS SECTION. The Initial Term and all successive renewal periods shall be referred to, collectively, as the "Term."

b. This Agreement may be terminated

i. by either party at any time,

ii. by in the event of non-payment by Customer,

iii. by, at any time, without notice, if, in's sole and absolute discretion and/or judgement, Customer is in violation of any term or condition of the this Agreement and related agreements, AUP, or Customer's use of the Services disrupts or, in's sole and absolute discretion and/or judgement, could disrupt,'s business operations and/or

c. If you cancel this Agreement prior to the end of the Initial Term or any Term thereafter,

i. will assess a partial refund based on the amount of services that have been performed in that Term prior to cancellation, the refund amount, if any, that will be refunded to the Customer within 30 days of notice of cancellation,

d. may terminate this Agreement

i. if the Services are prohibited by applicable law, or become impractical or infeasible for any technical, legal or regulatory reason, by giving Customer as much prior notice as reasonably practicable or

ii. immediately by giving written notice to Customer, if determines in good faith that Customer's use of the Customer Web site or the Customer Content violates any term or condition. If cancels this Agreement prior to the end of the Term for your breach of this Agreement and related agreements, the Customer's use of the Services disrupts, shall not refund to you any fees paid in advance of such cancellation and you shall be obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued prior to the effectiveness of such cancellation;

e. Upon termination of this Agreement for any cause or reason whatsoever, neither party shall have any further rights or obligations under this Agreement, except as expressly set forth herein. Termination of this Agreement and retention of pre-paid fees and charges shall be in addition to, and not be in lieu of, any other legal or equitable rights or remedies to which may be entitled.

f. Client Retains all accounts created on the clients behalf by and any modifications to those accounts are the sole property of the client.

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